Swimmers are encouraged to compete in Club Handicap and Championship competitions and to swim against other clubs as the coaches calendar requires.  As swimmers improve their skills, they may swim in competitions at State and National levels.  These meets require swimmers to swim a qualifying time.

Competition Entry Procedures

The current competition entry procedure guidelines are provided below.

  • A notice of the competition and program will be emailed out by the Team Manager approximately three (3) weeks before closing date of entries.
  • A notice will be placed on the Club notice board on that day.
  • HP swimmers who are expected to swim in that meet must have their entries to the Team Manager within five (5) days of the notice of competition.
  • If entries from HP Senior and HP Junior are not received within five (5) days the coaching team will prepare their entries.
  • Ten days from the first notice of a competition, entries will close with the Blue Fin Team Manager.
  • After that time the only option to enter will be individually, directly to the organisation running the meet.

The email address of the Competitions Officer/Team Manager is:



Swimming Australia                             http://www.swimming.org.au/

Swimming Victoria                               http://www.swimmingvictoria.org.au/