Competitions which BFAASC enter are listed in the Club Calendar which is circulated regularly.

As a club, we compete against other clubs to prepare for state and national level competitions.

All squad swimmers are encouraged to participate in as many competitions as they can, depending on their age and experience.

Intra-Club Competitions

The Club conducts a number of competitions throughout the season and these are described below.

Blue Fin Handicap Series

The Club runs two Handicap Series, a Freestyle series and a Back, Breast or Butterfly (BBB) series.  In the BBB Series swimmers nominate the stroke they will use for all heats on the night. These meets are designed to give every swimmer the opportunity to improve their swimming by participating in a competition in which they have a chance to win, even if they swim against much older and faster swimmers. Each swimmer is encouraged to participate even if they are unable to attend all sessions, as it is a lot of fun. All races are 50 m.

Club Championship

The aim of the Club Championship is to arrive at a champion male and champion female in each age group and also to give swimmers an opportunity to swim their preferred stroke in the best time they can.  This meet is held at the end of the season, usually in March / April. All swimmers are required to enter all swims in their age group as it is a great opportunity to get times in events they may not always swim. Swimmers may also enter the open mixed 200 m Freestyle.

First, second and third place swimmers receive ribbons at the championships and are awarded points (3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd) which are used to determine the swimmer with the highest points in each age group (male and female) for the Grand Slam Champion for the year.


This is a major fund-raiser for the Club where each swimmer obtains sponsors for the number of laps they complete.  All swimmers see how far they can swim in one hour.  There are prizes for the longest distance swum in each squad.  Prizes for the winners are awarded at the Annual General Meeting and Awards Night.