Why should I choose the Blue Fin Swim School

The Blue Fin Swim School provides a safe, caring and enthusiastic environment for young children to learn to swim.  Our teachers are passionate about swimming and have undergone rigorous training to ensure that our students are taught optimum swimming skills.  One of the fundamental beliefs of our teaching approach, and which is rigorously adhered to by all our staff, is the high level of pastoral care that is provided to all our swimmers regardless of age or ability.

Where are the lessons held?

Our swimming lessons are held in the St Michael’s Grammar School pool in St Kilda.  The pool is heated to a warm 30.5 degrees, and the temperature in the pool area has an air temperature of between 26 to 28 degrees.

When do lessons occur?

Learn to swim lessons take place on weekdays from 3.45 pm onwards, as well as Saturdays from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm, and Sundays from 9.30 am to 11.30 am.

At what age can a child start swimming lessons?

The Blue Fin Swim School caters for swimmers from six months old to competent swimmers of any age until they are capable of swimming the four competitive strokes.

Why should my young child have swimming lessons?

Drowning is the greatest cause of accidental death for young children in Australia.  International research has found that participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88% among children aged 1 to 4 years.  In addition, early research in Australia indicates that children who learn how to swim at a young age have physical, social, intellectual and language development advantages compared to the non-swimmers.

Is the learn-to-swim program seasonal?

No, our learn-to-swim program runs continuously during the four school terms and we have special programs during the school holidays.  There are significant benefits from a continuous swim learning process, including health and well-being, physical development, self-confidence and teamwork.  We strongly believe that, in order for the learn to swim program to be successful for your child; they should participate on a continuous basis to ensure skill development on a consistent basis.

How does my child progress in the Swim School?

We use a sequential teaching system that is designed to develop each child physically, mentally, and emotionally in a systematic fashion.  As the swimmer’s proficiency improves they progress from level to level.  Swimmers can be promoted at any time during a swimming term.  Swimmers who have mastered the required skills in their level are assessed by their individual teacher and by a senior member of the teaching staff before a decision is made to move to them the next level.  We believe that a swimmer must be confident and comfortable at their level before promotion to a higher level.

What is Progress Report Week?

Blue Fin prides itself on its policy of continual assessment.  We believe that students should be promoted and allowed to progress through the levels as determined by their skills, rather than by the dictates of the calendar.  A child who is ready for promotion in the middle of the term should not have to wait until the end of the term to be assessed.  However, Blue Fin also understands the value of feedback, particularly for those parents who are unable to frequently attend their child’s lesson.  As such, once a term, Blue Fin conducts ‘Progress Report Week’, in which children are assessed by their class teacher, the results of which are available to parents through our website.  Progress Report Week is invaluable for the communication it provides between teacher and parent, providing a brief and easy to understand overview of student’s strength and weaknesses within the scope of their level.

How many class levels do you have?

Excluding classes for babies and toddlers, we have five learn-to swim levels and a Pre-squad level for those children who want to continue developing their swimming skills.  Once swimmers have graduated from Pre-squad, they are invited to join the Development Squad which is part of the Blue Fin coaching program.

What is the focus of your swimming lessons?

Whilst technical excellence is the fundamental cornerstone of our program, water safety is critical element of the learn-to-swim process. We also aim to instil in our young swimmers the enjoyment of swimming and other water based activities.

What happens if my child misses a lesson?

We offer two make-up lessons per term when classes are missed as long as Blue Fin has been notified.

What training do your swim teachers have?

All Blue Fin teachers have undergone training through, and are accredited by AUSTSWIM and/or Swimming Australia.  They all undergo ‘Working with Children’ checks before appointment and all are qualified in CPR.  A number of our teachers also have First Aid and anaphylaxis training.  Our senior coaches who oversee the program have higher qualifications.

What if my child does not want to learn in a group environment?

We recognise that the class environment is not appropriate for everyone and therefore we offer a small number of individual private lessons to accommodate individual learning requirements. We also offer private lessons for children with a disability, if required.

What are parent and teacher classes?

Classes for babies and toddlers: these classes involve water familiarisation, confidence and having heaps of fun.  There are a maximum of eight per class with parent and teacher in the water.