BFSS offers a wide range of services to suit most swimmers’ needs. These are shown on the diagram below.

Learn to Swim (LTS) and Babies and Toddler’s Programs

These programs are specifically structured for the age group and level of capability and confidence.  They consist of the following stages and elements:

Parent and Child Babies Classes These work towards water familiarisation, water confidence and are heaps of fun! These classes condition babies for stress free submersions using verbal and physical triggers using songs, colours, games and toys to stimulate the baby in the water.  Aims of the baby classes are back floats with parent’s assistance and front floats with parent assistance, Introduce grip and hold onto the wall.
Parent and Child Toddler Classes These aim to master submersion and bubble blowing, continue with back and front floats, introduce propulsive movements, and working towards independence in the water.
Level 1 This level sets the foundation for the future and builds the most important aspects of learning to swim: breath/bubbles, floating, streamline body position and correct kicking action.
Level 2 In this level swimmers build on their correct body position, developing back and freestyle strokes.  Swimmers will also be able to duck dive confidently.  They also learn the challenging skill of rolling their heads and breathing to the side.
Level 3 One of the most difficult moves in the water will be accomplished in Level Three – freestyle with correct breathing on one side.  A good backstroke is also achieved in this level. Swimmers will also be taught to tread water and know how to save themselves.
Level 4

Breaststroke is established at this level.  The Breaststroke kick must be done correctly from the beginning as swimmers will be disqualified in races if it is not accurate.

High elbow freestyle is achieved, which helps a relaxed shoulder movement while swimming, prevents injury to the shoulders and helps speed.

Level 5

One of the key goals of Level Five is bilateral breathing – breathing in a pattern on both sides is vital as it balances the stroke, develops efficiency and prevents muscle injuries in the future.

Swimmers will also develop their fitness by swimming breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke over longer distances, as well as learning the Butterfly kick.

Level 6 (Pre-squad) This is a 45 minute session with a stroke focus on the establishment of the Butterfly stroke.  Flippers are used in this session to assist in the development of correct technique. Breaststroke, Backstroke and Freestyle are also developed over 50 and 100 metre distances.  Racing fundamentals, tumble turns and basics of training, such as timing, drills and lane etiquette are included.

Transition Pathway

BFSS offers swimmers who have completed all levels of the learn-to-swim program the opportunity to continue developing their skills.  We have a transition pathway from the very first learn-to-swim level to the High Performance Senior Squad, which is a part of the Blue Fin Swim Club.  After completing Level 6, swimmers are given the opportunity to transition to the Swim Club’s Development Squad.