Development Squad

This Squad is where our swimmers learn the basics of squad training such as correct turns, using the pace clock, listening to coaching advice and developing the confidence and self-discipline to progress to the Junior Squad.  The Development Squad trains one to two times per week for one hour per session.  Swimmers are required to be members of the Blue Fin Swimming Club and are encouraged to explore the benefits of membership through club hosted activities.

Junior Squad

Swimmers will be aged 13 and under, and will begin more advanced training aspiring to technical excellence.  Swimmers will be introduced to morning training and will also learn the benefits of training on mind and body.  Swimmers in this squad participate in up to three sessions per week and will include a morning session.  Junior Squad members will race at Blue Fin Swimming Club level, inter-club and also District level swimming carnivals.  From here, swimmers training three times per week can progress to the Emerging Squad.  Alternatively those swimming one to two times per week will progress to the Intermediate Squad.

Emerging Squad

Swimmers will be aged 14 and under and will be in a training environment that enables the learning of the fundamentals of performance based training.  A strong component of the squad will be technique oriented swimming development.  Swimmers will also learn about training the fitness components required to race!  Swimmers aged 11 and under will participate three to four times per week and swimmers aged 12-14 will participate four to five times per week.

Intermediate Squad

This squad is primarily for swimmers aged 13 and over.  It has been designed for athletes who train for a variety of reasons.  This includes those training up to District level, school based swimming competitions, cross training benefits for another primary sport and/or fitness, well-being and recreation.  Swimmers are required to be members of the Blue Fin Swimming Club and participate in club based activities.  Athletes are encouraged to race at selected inter-club, District and State level meets.  Swimmers will train between one and three sessions per week.

Senior Squad

The Senior Squad has been designed for athletes who enjoy training at a high level, but who may not meet the requirements of the JETS and State squads.  The goals of this squad include: racing up to a State level, swimming well at school based swimming competitions, fitness, well-being and recreation.  Swimmers in this group will participate in a minimum of four swims per week and will be members of the Blue Fin Swimming Club.

Junior Excellence Training Squad (JETS)

This squad is for swimmers wanting to take their performance to the next level.  Swimmers in this group will be within 15% of State qualifying times and are learning the training skill set required to progress to the next level.  This squad will enable athletes to not only learn about swimming, but also to also experience the fun and challenge of training and competing.  Swimmers aged 11 and under will complete four sessions a week and those aged 12-15 years will complete five sessions per week.  This squad have access to training privileges such as long course training and precision dry land training.

Swimmers who have achieved age national qualifying times and whose aim is to qualify for open national level, make up this elite level squad.   Other swimmers who have been identified by the Head Coach as having elite potential are also invited to join; including elite open water and triatheletes.  An optimum level of commitment is required of these athletes on an individual basis.

State Squad

The State Squad has been designed to cater for those athletes striving for State and National success. This squad is for State qualified athletes holding a current State Time (Age, Open, Short Course or Long Course) in 100 m+ events only.  Swimmers are encouraged to strive towards State finals, State medals and National qualifying times.  Swimming will be a primary sport for athletes in this group.  Swimmers will be committed to their training and will participate in key events.  This includes all State level meets and targeted inter-club events.  Swimmers will need to make themselves available for State relays.  Athletes will need to make themselves available at the end of each term for a quarterly catch up to discuss and review their progress as well as set new targets for the upcoming term. Members of this group have full access to all resources available at Blue Fin.

Adult “Fitness Squad”

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for us all, especially as the wear and tear of the years start to set in.

Training in our adult squad is a relaxed, fun way to keep fit without some of the impact and rigors that other sports entail.

In the Blue Fin Adult Fitness Squad you will have your technique constantly assessed and improved.  There is also a focus on improving fitness and building your strength and endurance.

No bookings are required and the cost is $10.00 per session.

Sessions are held on Monday, Wednesday from 6.30 to 8.00 pm