Squad Equipment

Each swimmer needs to bring flippers, drink bottle and two pair of goggles to training.  Swimmers should also have their own kickboards and pool buoys; however, these are available on a temporary basis if new swimmers do not have them.  High performance swimmers are also required to have paddles.

Behaviour at Training

The following is the minimum expected behaviour at training sessions:

  • swimmers are encouraged to support their teammates at training as well as in competition. Working together as a group for the benefit of all individuals in the squad is an important part of the BFAASC spirit;
  • swimmers are expected at all times to follow the verbal directions of the coaching staff. At no time will disrespectful attitudes be tolerated from any swimmer;
  • when a coach is talking to the squad all swimmers must be silent and attentive;
  • abusive language, lying, stealing, and/or vandalism are intolerable. These behaviours are directly contrary to the objectives of the BFAASC and are detrimental enough to the group to warrant strict disciplinary action;
  • swimmers may leave the pool only with the coach’s permission. This includes toilet breaks and stretching;
  • feet first entry to the pool unless diving is specified by the coach; and
  • if a swimmer arrives late to training, they should immediately advise the coach of the reason for lateness (without interrupting the coach if they are talking to the squad).  They should then promptly join the session. Parents do not need to approach the pool deck.

Early Morning Training

Early morning training is a critical part of the training program and is carried out for most of the season; however its frequency is reduced at times of recovery.

Strengthening and Conditioning Program

The Club offers a strengthening and conditioning program to swimmers in the high performance squads.  This program is custom-designed for each swimmer and is developed around their size, structure and physical development.